The most obvious answer to the question, “How do I wear a hat?” is, of course, on your head.  However, we have put together some useful tips so that you can make the size and shape of hat work for you so that you can look and feel amazing!


  • All headbands should be worn just behind the ears and pushed slightly forward, depending on your hairstyle.
  • Higher (halo) headbands are all fitted with a comb.  The comb teeth should be facing forward, towards your face – this might feel unnatural, but will mean that your headband will be less likely to slip off backwards.
  • For headbands with elastic at the back, the elastic should sit at the back of your head, underneath your hair – it may be easiest to tie your hair back first so that it’s out of the way when you are putting your headband on.  You can then untie your hair and style it to hide the elastic once it’s in place.

Small Hats:

The term, “small hats” might include cocktail hats, pillboxes or berets.

  • As a rule, these hats should be worn on the side of your parting – if you have a centre parting, you can pick your favourite side!
  • They should be worn slightly towards the front of your head, ideally around an inch above your eyebrow.
  • If you’re unsure of the front and back, the label always marks the back of the hat.
  • Most of these hats will be fitted with both an elastic and a comb – again, it may be easiest to tie your hair back while fitting your hat on your head.
  • Place the hat on your head, ensuring that the elastic is sitting at the back of your head, under your hair – once in place, use the comb to secure your hat to your hair.  Then just style your hair to hide the elastic.
  • If it’s a windy day and you’re worried about your hat staying in place, we would suggest criss-crossing hair grips over the elastic, just above your ears.

Brimmed Hats on a Headband:

Brimmed hats on a headband that are designed to be worn at an angle can also be known as “saucer brims”.

  • They should be worn so that they lean down to the side of your parting. The headband should sit just behind the ears.
  • Use the comb to fix your hat in place and push it slightly further forwards.

Larger Brims or Hats:

  • These should be placed square on the head and then tilted backwards so that the face can be seen.
  • The label always marks the back of the hat and should therefore be at the back of your head.

All of our hat hire collection are made to fit a 22.5inch/57cm head size – alternative hat sizing is available to purchase.