Rebekah - Curled Satin Headpiece

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Rebekah - Curled Satin Headpiece


Rebekah - Black and white spotty satin curl headpiece.

The curl measures 45cm in length and is 5.5cm wide. It is attached with a tulle covered wire headband.

'All the fun of the fair' After watching a performance of Ockham's Razor, an aerial theatre company, Bee Smith's latest collection aims to capture the shape and elegance created by acrobatic performers. Drawing on vintage references from Josephine Baker and her contemporaries, this monochrome collection uses pearls, perspex and polka dots to set the scene.

How to Hire:

To hire this piece please contact the studio by phoning 020 8546 9774 or emailing


Long weekend (3 days) £35

Week (up to 7 days) £55

All hat hire requires a £50 deposit, which is refundable upon return on the hat undamaged and in the original condition. Please see the Terms & Conditions on the hat hire main page.

Retail price £100

Photography by Nick Kane. Modelled by Lara Lemon Make up by Rose Taylor

Rebekah - Curled Satin HeadpieceRebekah - Curled Satin HeadpieceRebekah - Curled Satin Headpiece